Today at clinic we saw a variety of cases that were interesting, and valued the fact that we could send for labs and receive results immediately. For example, one patient was having bloody diarrhea and we sent for a rapid s. typhi test which came back positive, and another patient was having an opportunistic infection and was tested for HIV and found to be positive. The fact that Mama Pilista clinic has a lab with rapid results allows for more specific and successful diagnosis and treatments. On the other hand, one patient and her child who came in with thrush did not want to be tested for HIV. This is a common occurrence because of the stigma and sadness associated with potential positive results. At the end of the day, we must respect the patient’s autonomy. In other cases, physical symptoms outweigh the cost of having to test. A woman came in with pelvic inflammatory disease–pelvic tenderness, green discharge, back pain–and instead of doing a pelvic exam the best approach and standard of care for the village was to simply treat for PID.
Two of our medical students saw their first live vaginal birth. The woman gave birth without pain management and only experienced extreme pain once the episiotomy was placed. These anterolateral cuts help reduce bleeding trauma for the mother and facilitate a smoother labor. When the baby was born, the students remarked how calm the room was but how beautiful the process was. The mom and baby will be kept at least 48 hours for post-partum complications.
One of our members worked on the hostel today–fixing the door frames and working on final changes to the main entryway. The purpose of this hostel will be to house volunteers during medical mission trips and allow for them to be closer to the clinic. This will allow for more time to be spent at the clinic and less time communing from Kisumu. If interested in donating, the approximate cost is $50,000 and can be donated online.
As a group we are all feeling a bit nauseated. We will be taking the day off tomorrow to recover and return on Sunday refreshed and revived!

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