Saturday was spent resting and recovering from our week at clinic. Recovery days are important on medical mission trips so that we can return refreshed and rejuvenated to best help our patients. We are expecting to see close to 60-75 patients on Monday after a long weekend. Several of these patients will be follow-ups and the rest new patients. But first, a little recap of Saturday!

We got to experience Kisumu culture today on a relaxing walk through the city. Street artists were selling their clothing, shoes, handmade objects, and art. A lot of us compared it to a mini-version of downtown Kansas City; people were driving, walking, and biking while exchanging quick greetings to each other. We are learning a few greetings in Swahili such as “hamjambo” and “sasa.” It is important to note that Swahili is the main language spoken in Kenya, but each individual village speaks another language. The language in the town that we work in is Lao, and we use translators to translate between patient and physician. Essentially, this means that Kenyans are almost always multilingual–at least a village language, Swahili, and English (due to English being taught in school starting in kindergarten). It really goes a long way and shows respect when visitors try to use greetings.

We had a late lunch at a coffee shop, where some of us ordered more traditional American cuisine like burgers and soup and others ordered quesadillas and beans/rice. Though we are loving the food at the hotel, it’s always nice for a change.

Our evening was spent getting drinks at a hilltop restaurant next to Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria, according to one of our group members, is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. It was home to many creatures–hippos, birds, fish, Naegleria fowleri and other amoebas. We were able to see a hippo lift its head above the water and blow freshwater through its nostrils. It was quite possibly the coolest creature we were able to see, until one of us humans fell in (just kidding!).

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