Bonyo's Kenya Mission

Our mission is to care.


Bonyo’s Kenya Mission is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing health care, education, resources and hope for the impoverished people of Wanjaya Village of western Kenya.

Our Story

Bonyo’s Kenya Mission is committed to ensuring a sustainable, year-round health care model by raising the funds to provide for medical care, staff salaries, educational/counseling services and ongoing updates/maintenance fees to buildings and vehicles. The child sponsorship program is dedicated to providing school fees and necessary supplies to children who qualify for the program. We also assist with providing teachers at Masara Primary School with educational support. Mission trips are fully funded by the participants.


Our Team

Dr. Bonyo Bonyo

Founder, Board Member, Good Guy
Dr. Bonyo was born and raised in Masara.  As a young man he had the opportunity to travel to the United States to further his education and become a doctor.  He promised the villagers he would return to help them.  True to his word, he returned in 1995 and ever year since, with a group of medical professionals to help the Kenyan people.  


Linda Criss

Chairman, Board of Directors
Linda believes in the mission of Bonyo's Kenya Mission and has traveled as a volunteer three times to work in the clinic and support the work done there.  A highlight of her travels was meeting the child (Mary) that she and her husband sponsor and getting to visit Mary's home and meet her family.  


Dr. Sandy Deveny

Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Dr. Deveny offers her leadership and skills to managing the child sponsorship program with a group of supporters from her home in Colorado. Dr. Deveny travels to Kenya to provide medical care as well as monitor the child sponsorship program and make sure the program is operating smoothly for the benefit of the children.


Bonyo’s Kenya Mission employs four staff members who operate the clinic 24/7 and also act as community volunteers.


Based in Akron, Ohio, Bonyo’s Kenya Mission is a non-profit operated by 100% volunteer support and has no paid staff in the U.S.


Our volunteers in Colorado manage the child sponsorship program, as well as dedicate their time to serving in Kenya on mission trips.


We are working globally to connect to other NGO’s and charities to expand the services we provide in Kenya.