Child Sponsorship

The Challenge

Wanjaya is a rural village in western Kenya. The village children see hardships that can be avoided or eased with minimal involvement from us.  They often lack the basic necessities we take for granted: school supplies, books, uniforms and minimal tuition costs.

The Solution

When you sponsor a child, you are sponsoring a specific child. You will receive updates as to their health and well-being and witness the impact your assistance has had.
Your annual tax-deductible contribution of just $400 provides:

  • Medical care
  • School supplies & books
  • School uniforms
  • Educational opportunities
  • Important life-skills training

We give a little so they can hope for more

Uniforms for school

Sponsorship monies go directly to support the child and purchase necessary school supplies including uniforms, shoes, books, and more.


Local mentors

The clinic staff help to mentor and monitor the children that are part of the Child Sponsorship Program.  They receive progress reports and grade cards for each child.


Consistent progress updates

Sponsors receive progress reports and copies of their child’s grade card.  They also receive letters and photos of their child.

Interested in changing a life?