Mama Pilista Memorial Medical Centre

The Clinic

The Mama Pilista Memorial Health Centre located centrally in the Wanjaya Village provides sustainable, cooperative health care to the thousands of residents that live in the area. The goal of BKM is achieved daily, by staffing the clinic with year-round medical personnel.  Having the clinic open 24/7 is the optimal way to sustain general medical and preventive care.  We are grateful to our deeply dedicated clinic team.

We provide both outpatient and inpatient, including maternity, care and are proud to be accredited as a National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) clinic.  We are paying for over 120 families to have NHIF.

TB and HIV/AIDS diagnosis, education, treatment and support has made a dramatic difference in helping to bring an end to these deadly diseases.  We have met and exceeded our original goal of becoming and HIV/TB treatment center.  Our partnership with the FACES program (Family AIDS Care and Education Services) and the ministry of health allow us to give mother child care via Antennatal Care (ANC).  Prevention of mother to child tranmission of HIV (PMTCT) and Postnatal Care (PNC) programs.  The PNC program includes nutritional support as well as monitoring of children from birth – 5 years old and insuring they get their necessary immunizations.  We currently have 204 patients with HIV enrolled in the FACES program to provide the necessary antretroviral (ARV) treatment and ensure it is taekn properly as well as providing ongoing supportive counseling.

Malaria conintues to be a leading killer in Kenya, especially of children under age 5 and pregnant mothers.  We offer diagnosis and treament.  While the ministry of health provides some of the drugs it is never enough to keep up with the demand.  Through the generosity of our donors we are able to keep the necessary, often lifesaving, medications in stock.

Death rates from pneumonia, diarrheal illnesses and other curable diseases have significantly dropped with early treatment and education.  Basic wound care has helped reduce infection rates.  Our clinic laboratory and pharmacy have greatly improved these efforts.  WE are in the process of getting our radiology department up and running pending approval from the radiation board.

Ob/Gyn care includes cerival cancer screening, pregnancy testing, contraception and maternity.

Our eye clinic is able to get accurate vision testing and has provided glasses as well as sunglasses to hundreds of patients.  We have developed an exciting partnership with the Lions Club of Kisumu to provide our patients with much needed cataract surgery.

We continue our efforts to get a dental care program in the clinic.  We have bene giving bi-yearly fluoride treatments to children in the local schools along with dental hygiene education.

Day 8

We received some saddening news upon arrival to the clinic that our child with malaria had died at 3am this morning. Malaria is a terrible illness in this part of the country; however, if it is caught early it can be treated with anti-malarial medication. Our child...
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Day 7

Today started with rounds, which included our sick male patient with pneumonia being managed with antibiotics and fluids, our child and young female with malaria, our two non-dilated pregnant women with abdominal pain and UTI, and our readmission for generalized...
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Day 6

Submitted by Julie Ronecker Today at clinic we were exposed to a variety of very serious illnesses. A dermatologist who graduated from our school joined us on the same day we saw a massive ankle infection with exposed tendons, subcuta neous tissue, and overlying...
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Day 5

Submitted by Julie Ronecker  Today we had a chance to visit Kit Mikayi, a local rock within the village that stood for "Rock of the First Wife." Our tour guide was very passionate and told us a wonderful narrative that introduced us to their culture. The history...
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Day 4

Saturday was spent resting and recovering from our week at clinic. Recovery days are important on medical mission trips so that we can return refreshed and rejuvenated to best help our patients. We are expecting to see close to 60-75 patients on Monday after a long...
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Backpack Collection

Bonyo's Kenya Mission is collecting backpacks.  You can drop off a gently used backpack at Dr. Bonyo's office at 1569 V. Odom Blvd. during regular office hours.  All donated backpacks will be taken to Kenya and donated to children attending a local school near the...
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Day 3

Today at clinic we saw a variety of cases that were interesting, and valued the fact that we could send for labs and receive results immediately. For example, one patient was having bloody diarrhea and we sent for a rapid s. typhi test which came back positive, and...
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Day 2

Clinic today was an eye-opening experience. We started with rounds in the morning where we met a woman who presented overnight with what appeared to be a stroke. She had a right-sided headache and a left-sided facial, lateral palsy, and extremity paralysis that...
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Day 1

Today marks the first day of clinic at Mama Pilista! We started our morning by remembering our purpose for being here. Years ago, Doctor Bonyo Bonyo had the dream to become a physician and eventually return to his community to provide medical care. Our goal is to...
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